Come to Us for Piano Regulation Services in Cochrane

Sticky keys, broken hammers, loose strings and squeaky pedals. Are all these problems not letting you get the right pitch? Worry no more, Estelle's Piano Tuning Services is at your service. We take pride in offering everything from piano tuning to piano regulation in the Cochrane area. We have the experience and tools to identify the problem thoroughly and fix it in no time.

Piano Regulation

Your piano needs to be regulated occasionally to ensure they respond correctly when being played. This process involves adjusting all the action parts so that they work together as designed when touched. You can choose to regulate your piano when you want to restore all the keys, strings and more.


Do you have a piano that hasn’t been tuned or regulated in a while? If yes, come to us right away. Call us today for more information, or to book your service.

Services We Offer

Listed below are our specialities:

  • Piano maintenance

  • Piano tuning

  • Piano hammer

  • Piano regulation

  • Piano repairs

  • Piano strings

  • Piano tuner

  • Piano voicing

  • Soundboard

Piano Maintenance and Repairs

Is your piano out of tune? Worry no more when we are here to help you.

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